Just Bobbing Along….

Credits for the solar project

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Andrew who posted all of his exploits here. As rusty as I was with the Raspberry Pi and database programming, I worked through his tutorial and eventually got the monitoring system up and running.

I was originally inspired by Matt Hubbert who posted his project here so with a bit of hacking around, I was able to put the data from the solar array online.

Both websites also give credit (with links) to other contributors so I will just name a few here.

Colin Hickey, Adam Welche, Luca Soltoggio and everyone else who helped in any way to enhance this work.

Solar Energy Generated
0.24 kWh

This Month:
15.84 kWh

This Year:
210.4 kWh

All Time:
438.05 kWh

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