Just Bobbing Along….

Spring Update

Well, it’s now been an astonishing eight months since I last published a post on here. Part of the reason for that is that we haven’t done any boating since we returned to Hinckley in August. We haven’t been completely idle though, far from it and this post will bring everything up to date.

When I retired, we envisaged probably five summers exploring the waterways before we would revert to a more conventional lifestyle. By the end of September 2018, we had come to the conclusion that we might just bring that plan forward. There was no single reason or event that forced the decision but we both wanted to do things that would be better suited to living in a house and being able to use the space that a house brings with it. By the end of October we had finally decided that we would sell Caxton in the Spring, sell our apartment and buy a proper house again. Oh and just to make it a significant change, the house that we bought is in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Once we got Christmas and New Year out of the way, we started house hunting in earnest and by late January we had found what we wanted. Two months later, with the purchase completed, we were able to move and that was that. As for Caxton, well we had interest from some friends of other friends and so in early April, we were without a boat for the first time in over eleven years.

I am going to make this the final post on this blog, I’m glad that I started it way back in 2007 as it is now a permanent record of our adventures.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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