Just Bobbing Along….

Tom O’ the Wood

We both slept well after (Sue’s) exertions on Saturday and were untroubled by any train movements through Hatton station during the night. In fact, we were only woken once by some rumbles of thunder and heavy rain and even then we were only awake for about five minutes. Not bad considering that the country experienced something like 90,000 lightning strikes and flash flooding. It was still quite dull when we awoke on Sunday morning but we decided to set off anyway in the hope that we would find a mooring near the Tom O’ the Wood pub near Rowington.

We weren’t disappointed and after passing Dennis & John on nb City Slicker on the water point, we moored up and went to the pub for lunch. The Sunday roast was actually a belated birthday lunch for Sue and it was as good as we had expected. After lunch, we retired to the bar and bumped into John & Dennis again so we had a drink with them. And another. And another – maybe another after that? The pub called last orders at 8pm and we had to leave, a bit the worse for wear but we had all had a good afternoon.

Tom O’ the Wood

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