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Stourport on Severn – What’s not to love?

We went to Stourport-on-Severn today for the first time ever but by car, not by boat. What a fabulous place! The town had the feel of a seaside resort about it without having a seafront. So for me at least, being in a compact area on a hot sunny summer’s day with a canal, some canal basins, a river, a funfair with traditional rides and a Wetherspoons, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I knew that I hadn’t because there was no sign of a sausage roll tree anywhere. No more text, just a few pictures.


Photo 22-07-2014 13 58 37

Photo 22-07-2014 13 46 16

Photo 22-07-2014 13 47 23

Photo 22-07-2014 13 49 24

Photo 22-07-2014 13 49 32

Photo 22-07-2014 13 51 49

Photo 22-07-2014 13 56 54

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